Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award? Seriously?

I crawled into bed and rolled over toward the light on my nightstand to release the darkness into my bedroom. But, as I reached for the lamp, I knocked my phone on the floor and because I am insanely A.D.D. (undiagnosed), I decided that I had to take a quick stroll through of some of my fellow blogger's yards, before unleashing the blackness that would become sleep. As I stalked those who blog, I came across my friend, Shanda's blog, A Pause on the Path, only to discover that she had been nominated for an award. The Stylish Blogger Award. I was jealous right away. Jealous that she had time to blog, while my time is not my own and will not be for a couple more weeks as I prepare for my daughter's wedding in 13 days, 17 hours and 45 minutes. I was jealous that she has more followers than I do. Followers that want to see what is new in her life, how she is decorating her home, and hear her stories from far away places. I was jealous that I was me and she was she. Then, as I was feeling like a terrible blogger for not blogging and a terrible friend for feeling jealous--the very first person she nominated for The Stylish Blogger Award, was me. ((Great, now I have GUILT!!))

I am so blessed. Blessed to live in grace.  Every single day.

For the award to be official I have to tell 7 things about myself, which will prove to be a little difficult, as I expose everything so easily, what is left to learn?

1. Mondays are my favorite day of the week. Since I stopped working, they are filled with promise. I always feel like I can accomplish anything on a Monday. If I go for a walk, I always walk stronger and harder. I am my own New Year's Day parade on Mondays.

2. Tuesdays require Tacos. In 2006 when my daughter's classmate was in the top 10 on American Idol, we started doing "Lisa Tucker Taco Tuesdays", and now, some 5 years later, I feel better when I know that at the end of the day--I get a taco. (She didn't win by the way)

3. Wednesdays are for Youth Group. My husband was the Youth Pastor for the15 years of our marriage and about the time that he stopped, our kids became teenagers. So, for the last 23 and half years, every Wednesday, someone in our family has gone to Youth Group.

4. Thursdays are the only night that I will stop what I am doing and watch TV. Remember Family Ties, Cheers, Friends, The Cosby Show, Hill Street Blues, ER, or Seinfeld? All Thursdays. Now, I love Community and The Office. When I was a little girl, I would have said Fridays...because that's when Brady Bunch was on. But, we only had one TV and my Dad like Sanford & Son, which was on at the same time on another channel. I was often deprived. Praise God for reruns.

5. Fridays. I sing the song every week. Partly to annoy anyone who is around. Partly because it gets stuck in the messy places in my head and I have to sing to try to get it out. But, mostly, because I love it. It makes me smile. This year, my birthday is on a Friday and it is also the day before my daughter's wedding. "We we we so excited. We so excited." Gonna sing it all day...

6. Saturdays kind of disappoint me. I always think I will get more done. The house feels a little out of control. My life is a little too unpredictable for me. And, it is a lousy day for writing. Why is that?

7. Sundays make me whole. Yes, Mondays are my favorite, but perhaps they are my favorite because of the day that comes before. Worship is healing. God's word is alive. It's just a fact. And it is something I don't deserve. Praise God for the sabbath.

One of The Stylish Blogger Award requirements is to pass it along to other blogs who touch and inspire me. 

On Shanda's list (with me) were two blogs that I read all the time, they know who they are, and so I will let Shanda keep them. But, along with those, these are the blogs I will stalk at the end of the day.

and to the two who don't have buttons (yet)
Shawna at Moore Joy
I present to you, The Stylish Blogger Award.
Each of you already wear it well...every day of the week!