Saturday, May 28, 2011

Not so secret identity...I've been featured.

I am certainly not a Superhero, so I have no need for a secret identity. However, if I did, I believe that the undercover me, would work in a very quaint coffee house. Not the coffee places that we use today--no green aprons and plastic cups. Rather, a coffee house that was built in an old library. There would be an assortment of comfy chairs and functional desks, and I would have staff who was there to help guests navigate their way through any issues they were having with their computers. The large fish tank that would house the underwater tenants would entertain the coffee house cat, Java, who would purr with delight as she watched the guests read and visit.
Would we serve food and wine? Sure, why not. A little live music on Fridays? Sure...I mean, we we we so excited, right?
In the mean time, since I am not in need of a secret identity, I have been featured on the blog, For The Love of Blogs as a noteworthy blog, for their Coffee Talk Hop. Pay them a visit. 
But, don't forget to come back and have a cup of joe with me ;-)