Sunday, May 22, 2011

28 Days Later

28 days ago I opened my laptop with the intention of writing and, sadly,  I felt like I had nothing to say. I like having something to say. 
It seems I had hit a wall. As I began to pray and ask God to guide me, I felt like he was leading me to just start typing. I didn't know where it would lead. And then, in the middle of my blogging away-- He gave me the idea to blog my way through the alphabet. (I had no idea that people do this kind of thing all the time. And I had never heard of a "blog hop".) So, I posted a blog with a proclamation of my personal challenge. You can read Day One ~ The Wall here.

The challenge was...well, a challenge. In the midst of it, I went on a Marriage Retreat with my husband, acted as Wedding Coordinator for a friend, worked a few shifts at my church's Cafe', hosted a table at a Ladies Tea, worked the snack bar for the HS swim semi finals, helped my son navigate through the halls of the DMV, and continued with the planning of my Daughter's wedding. Before the challenge these would have been reasons excuses not to write. But, because I had the accountability of my proclamation, I had to write. And, so, I just sat down a wrote.

But, for me, this challenge would not be complete without evaluating its effectiveness. So, today, as I continue my count toward my One Thousand Gifts for my Multitudes on Mondays (which is now a regular blog hop for me) I will be counting the 26 blessings I have received through my Alphabet Journey. 

42:: Accessible = I praise God that He always is. It's not about how I think He feels about me. It's about how he really does feel about me. 

43:: Breathtaking = I am so thankful that the view of my life, this blessed life I have had so far, is truly a remarkable site.

44:: Crazy = There was a time when I thought that I might be. I am relieved and blessed to know that I am not.

45:: Divine = He continually places us all in the right place at the right time. I am amazed at His intricate weaving together of people.

46:: Emily = My daughter. My friend. Heading into a new playing field in our relationship. What will this look like?

47:: The F-word = The real one is forgiveness. It's time to take that which is repulsive and turn it into something beautiful.

48:: Gathering = I have only begun to put all these blessings in one place. I shall continue to collect and save each one, like a treasure.

49:: Hair = The crown of a woman, perhaps. But, for me, I am finding the freedom to feel beautiful because of how He is styling me.

50:: I opening = I am opening myself up. I am opening myself to poetry and to beauty in language. I had never written a poem, or played with words in this way.

51:: James = I am so thankful for hearing the Holy Spirit lead me to delve into this book. I had no idea how it would set my faith on fire and revive my prayer life.

52:: Kaleidoscope = The blessing of this constantly evolving relationship between my Mother, myself and my daughter is not something I can understand completely, but I know I am richer for the both of them.

53:: Lord = There is really only one. And His word is His sword.

54:: Mistakes = I've made so many, but my Mother loves me in spite of them all. And, I figured out how deep her love was on the day I became a Mom myself.

55:: Never = Never will I take for granted the protection that the Lord has provided for my family. 

56:: Ordinary = I love that my life is ordinary. Because when it looks extraordinary, that just means there is some Jesus showing.

57:: Pancakes = People and purpose. Simple things can bless people if you do them with a purpose.

58:: Quadragenarian = I wouldn't want to be 20. I have no need to go back and be 30. This is the best time of my life!

59:: Revisions = Everyday. I am not complete.

60:: Sex = My husband desires me. This alone brings joy.

61:: Today = Praising the Lord that we have the choice TODAY to see Yesterday and Tomorrow through the eyes of Grace.

62:: Undeserving = I am. That's just a fact.

63:: Words = I love them. I think they like me, too.

64:: eXtreme = Any person can build a strong household. I am extremely blessed that my parents found the Lord when they did.

65:: Yo-Yo = there is a yearning to control these emotions of mine, but until the Lord takes them away...I will make the most of every hormone I have.

66:: Zombies =I long for their zeal. Maybe, it's hiding inside me.

28 days later, this ends my challenge, and I am not disappointed in the results, because as someone very wise once said, "Writers write". See you soon. Real soon.