Sunday, May 1, 2011

F is for "the F-word"

You knew what I meant. I could actually end this post right now and my point will have already been made. I am fascinated by the fact that we have a word in our language that has become so sensationalized that we don't even have to say it, and others know what word we are speaking of. If I tell you to think of the M-word, what did we do? Well, you may have thought of a monkey, while I thought of a motorcycle, and someone down the street thought of a mountain lion. But, not so with the F-word.
It makes me wonder if, when all the words gather for the Annual Dictionary Academy Awards, do the other words look towards the Red Carpet and say..."Oooo, here comes the F-word, and look what she's wearing!" The F-word is more popular than Cher. She requires four letters...this word needs only one.
The reason this fascinates me is because it is evidence that society has admitted that there is a moral code. Anyone who believes that this word is not a word that should be thrown around lightly, whether they believe in God or not, is professing a moral standard. Words are not something that a child can touch; he will not cut his finger off with a sharp word or become addicted and overdose on a word. But, even those who will not say that there is a God have determined that this word is unacceptable for a child to hear, let alone say. And that gives me hope. Because in the forming of our lips and the pushing out of the air that makes words, we have determined that there is a right and a wrong. There is a moral code. And, whenever we admit to a moral code--we are, either consicously or unconsicously acknowledging the existence of God. Without God to determine the difference between good and evil, who draws the line? Who determines what is acceptable? This word is wrong, but if I change a few letters, why does it become acceptable? And, why is ANYTHING wrong if there is no absolute. This word alone helps to prove the supreme sovereignty of God, and our need for Him in our society
Another reason it fascinates me is because with the extreme ugliness of one word, there has to be an opposite. There has to be a word that is diametrically opposed to this word to describe this act of marriage created by God. There has to be a word so lovely and treasured, so calming and complete that it can win the war of good and evil. There has to be a word that can beat down the world, and the enemy's attempts to intimate with this appalling word. There has to be something that is stronger than the coarseness that this word inspires. For everything that is dark and scary, there is always a contrary, an opposed, a light. The best word I can think of is love. Real love.
What is your word for the LETTER F? 
And why?