Tuesday, May 3, 2011

H is for HAIR, which is often HilAIRious

The way things worked out, today, on "H" day, I had an appointment at the hair salon. So, while it isn't deep, meaningful or moving, my word for today is, quite simply, hair. Most women have a love~hate relationship with their hair. It's hard not to, when this creature that exists on the top of our heads, this crown that we wear, has the capability, if we allow it, to make or break our day. 
As a younger, more insecure woman, I allowed my hair to dictate to me the kind of day I would have. If there is a psychological disorder involving self esteem and hair, I am sure that I had it. I remember the morning, at age 29, while I was mothering my three little innocents and carrying number four in my womb, that I had a realization that I was allowing my mane to rule my mood, and my belief system.
I was watching a morning talk show, called the Mike & Maty Show, much like Regis and Kelly (which was Regis & Kathy Lee in its time). I barely remember the show, except that they sat on an adorable red and white checkered couch, and Maty, one of the co-hosts, had flowing, long hair. On this particular morning, it happened to be Maty's birthday, and when her cohort was able to convince her to share her age on National TV, it turned out she was the same age as myself. 
Within seconds of hearing that, I heard the voice of my internal enemy, who consistently tries to drag me down, 
"If you had LONG hair you would be hosting a morning talk show...
The voice whispered in secret. Well, fortunately, the voice had crossed an intellectual line in the sand, because while I was weak, I was certainly not stupid. 
I argued back, "Really? Is that all it would have taken? Never mind the fact that I am pregnant with my fourth child, and I am married to a man who had given his life over to the service of the church. It's because of my hair?" That was the first day that the voice began to lose battle over hairstyles. My mind was awakened to its ploys. I wouldn't be so easily confused anymore. 
As a salute to the success of overcoming this hair dysmorphic disorder, you'll find posted some of the great hair styles that have influenced my style, and my often lack of it.
The most recent is actually a ways back, which is a sign that I have either grown up, or given up. Looking back, I am not sure if I watched "Gilmore Girls" for the witty comments, or to stare at the mane that she donned. 
Definitely the most imitated hairstyle of the 1990's. I not only wore this hairstyle (or attempted to) but, I actually had my 6-year-old daughter's hair cut into a longer version of this style. I had to blow dry and curl her hair EVERY morning before school. No drama there. (wink, wink)
Speaking of drama. I tried this hair style, and that was a truckload of fun. While Meg can pull off the "messy look" I just looked like a mess. And then a mere 6 months later, I went to see her latest movie....

And, she looks like this. While it takes me 2 and half years to grow out my locks.
Arrrrgggg....wtf. (why the face)
I am a little nervous to mention this hairstyle, lest a certain lip-syncing video makes its way to the internet. 
Thank you for the headband, and the hairstyle, Olivia. 
A little more love did make it right.
And, thank you, Miss Beals, for sporting those locks. Many a hairdresser earned quite the days wage. I know I spent a small fortune on PERMS in my day.
High school kind of sucks when you want to look like Brooke Shields...
And, everyone tells you that you look just like Kristy McNichol. 
 Again...wft (why the face?)

And finally a nod to the two women who started it all in my head. 
Yes, there were three of them, that shall be said.
But for solving the crime, with the perfect hair-do. 
There could be only the TWO.

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