Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friends...They're the Cheesiest.

There are some things that you can do alone and there are some things that are just more fulfilling to do with another person.

Preparing Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is  better when you do it alone. When no one else is around, you can tear open the little silver bag the cheese comes in, dip your finger in and have a quick taste of sheer blissful cheesiness while the noodles take the ridiculously long 5 minutes to cook.

Hiking up an 80 degree incline is much better when done with another person. Recently, I went on a hike with my husband and about 1 mile into the 5 mile hike, I huffed and puffed out the declaration that I would never make it through this hike alone. Because, even though hiking up this trail is one of my favorite things to do, quite honestly, if I were doing it alone--I would turn around when it got too painful. Something about having someone else with me when I am barely able to take another step, spurs me on to take that next step. And the next.

I don't think that this is news to most people, that is why we see so many support groups--in so many different areas of interest. Type in "support groups" into and in 0.11 seconds you will get 289,000,000 results. We know we need each other to face mental health challenges, overcome alcohol addiction, facing pulmonary disease, or living with epilepsy. We can find support groups for Parents with children who have cancer, widows of servicemen, survivors of rape and many other tragedies.
For most people, when we find ourselves in a crisis, it is then that we are ready to ask for help, maybe we feel that we finally have a reason to "talk" about our feelings and frustrations. Maybe we believe we have something "big" in our life and now we can admit our need for other people.
This week, I went to a Ladies Brunch where the entire focus was to connect. That's all. Just connect and make a new friend. Recognize our need to attach to others and help others who are struggling with making that attachment. 
The thing is, why do I wait until a planned event to see people. How did this happen? When did I change from the teenager who would invite my friends to my house to eat Macaroni & Cheese to the woman who thinks it is easier, or more enjoyable to eat pasta alone?
So, while I don't have anything BIG in my life, I am making a declaration. I want to change and I want to grow. I don't know how it will happen, but I am going to begin to pray that God will transform me. I don't want to only let people into my world when I am lacing up my hiking shoes. I want to allow them in when I am tearing into that big blue box as well. I guess, I just need to find a support group. Or maybe I should start a group. I could call it,
"Support for Women who have Become Comfortable Being Alone But know that they Need to Not Be This Comfortable...and who also Love Cheese"
We could serve pasta at our meetings.